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Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Taking Cold Brews to A Whole New World

Whether you are fan of coffee or not, you are in for a treat. Mosanco Enchanted Cafe, a fairytale themed cafe located at 88 Rangoon Road has something for everyone. The cafe operates for 24 hours daily and is family friendly – you can choose from a wide variety of food ranging from all-day brunches to vegan friendly dishes. Their popular cold brews are also available in coffee and non-coffee flavours.

HenHao developed a marketing strategy that enabled Enchanted Cafe to effectively leverage on a digital space through the HenHao 8000 program. We identified the problems and opportunities to come up with various marketing strategies, content and scheduled them. HenHao also manages the social media accounts for Enchanted Cafe.

We reached out to different platforms to collaborate with the cafe and launched a series of campaigns to establish stronger social media presence to encourage the general tech-savvy population to generate traffic to the cafe’s products, essentially capturing a larger customer base.

HenHao also packaged new products from the cafe; designing product packaging and advising on bundles to create more value and encourage purchase.

On top of that, we consistently designed unique marketing campaigns with a personalised touch centralising around the idea of giving back to the community, such as the Mosanco Rap Challenge that effectively engaged customers to be more intimate with Cafe happenings. HenHao also created consistent content for the cafe’s social media including posters, photos and videos.